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Immediate Action Outfitters, LLC was formally organized on 3 January 2013. We are a training and consulting company - based out of the Des Moines, Iowa-area (covering the Midwest) that provides corporate and private:

Nationally-recognized, OSHA- and State of Iowa-approved emergency medical training (including - Adult / Child / Infant CPR, Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers, Adult / Pediatric / Advanced / Wilderness First Aid, Bleeding Control for active shooter/tactical/combat injuries, bloodborne pathogens / universal precautions and EMS continuing education) 

Nationally-recognized private security training (including - basic security officer, Certified Protection Officer and related continuing education courses) 

Nationally-recognized homeland security and anti-terrorism training


Our goal is to provide you with an enjoyable educational experience - by seasoned providers - which will prepare you to help others, during a crisis.


“Immediate Action” is a term that is used in the military and has significance within law enforcement, emergency medical services and other professions that regularly deal in crisis management – the “Go/No-Go”, absolute point of no return.  

At Immediate Action Outfitters, we understand what it is like to be in those situations and our goal is to provide the training and to supply organizations and individuals who desire the skill-set and equipment to accomplish their objective of preparing for the moment, when crisis strikes and immediate action is needed.


Immediate Action Outfitters, LLC is a full-service, multi-faceted, emergency medical and security educational resource company. Our founder and principal instructor - Chris Havran - has been an active:

Mr. Havran has a long, documented history of providing high-quality, engaging, fun and highly-educational courses centered on the care and treatment of the ill and injured - during exigent circumstances; security principals, practices, procedures, methodology and operations; as well as varied Homeland Security and anti-terrorism courses. He belongs to many professional membership and development organizations, such as:

If you want to learn how to save a life - from people who have performed these skills in real-life - then Immediate Action Outfitters, is for you!!

All of the instructors at Immediate Action Outfitters, LLC are experienced EMS providers. We also have the experience of working in different public safety, corporate, industrial and military environments.

We have the ability to provide emergency medical care provider, private security and Homeland Security educational programs to individuals, families, neighborhood associations, civic organizations, religious organizations, Scouting organizations, small businesses, companies, industrial plants – and even military organizations - to satisfy OSHA/state/local/workplace requirements and to ensure that at the completion of your class, each participant is competent and confident in their new-found skills! 

Please visit our Training Courses to see what we have to offer!

Be prepared, stay safe and thank you for visiting!

- The Immediate Action Outfitters, LLC staff

AUT INVENIAM VIAM AUT FACIAM   (I will either find a way, or make one.) - Hannibal

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