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"Immediate Action Outfitters personnel provided top notch professional First Aid training in a concise yet thorough manner ensuring all of the information was covered and most importantly understood. They were able to handle a tight training window and provided exceptional instruction. The instructor applied personal experiences from his extensive background in urgent care which made the training more relevant, relatable and informative. His working knowledge was equally matched by his skill as an instructor enabling him to teach an audience with a wide and varied range of prior experience including professional child care providers re-certifying, a Soldier in the US Army, and a ten year old learning life saving techniques for the first time. No questions were left unanswered with testing and certification only conducted once the instructor and students were fully confident in their abilities and knowledge. This was exceptional training provided by the personnel of IAO."

- David C.

"Christopher Havran of Immediate Action Outfitters, LLC was an instructor and skills coach for the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) class in which I was enrolled at Des Moines Area Community College during the summer of 2013. He was also involved in leading supplemental psychomotor practice sessions for students preparing to test for state EMT certification.

Mr. Havran was a phenomenal teacher and skills instructor. As the EMT course began, I was anxious about my ability to successfully learn the necessary skills. However, Mr. Havran’s experience in EMS and his ability to relate to people of all ages made him the perfect instructor. During skills practice, the class would rotate through different scenarios and stations, each directed by EMS personnel. While many of the facilitators were superb EMS providers, they were lax in their teaching and seemed indifferent toward the students. However, Mr. Havran was the extreme opposite. He challenged our class by asking difficult questions and setting high expectations. He continually reminded us that our performance in the field would be determined by our effort in class. This motivated students to learn and work diligently. Not only was he a focused and qualified teacher, but he also organized extra practices and skills stations for the students to practice before testing for certification. He worked above and beyond his expectations and showed how much he cared about his students.

It was also clear that Mr. Havran held himself to a high standard of care for his own patients, and he implored the class to have the same. He gave students numerous examples of real cases and how EMTs must be flexible and adaptable when providing pre-hospital care. It was clear that Mr. Havran possessed these qualities along with empathy and competency. When questions were asked, he was approachable and willing to give a direct, educated answer. His realism and kindness were refreshing, and it only proved that his patients received the best possible care. 

It is clear to me that Mr. Havran not only provides exceptional pre-hospital care, but he also has high standards for his students. My time as an EMT student was enhanced by his teaching. Indeed, I am convinced that his expertise and guidance were indispensable toward my achievement of EMT certification. His wisdom, experience, and willingness to serve others truly make him a respected leader and healthcare provider."

- Kaitlin L.

"I would highly recommend Chris for any first aid training you need performed for your employees. He is very engaging sharing real life events to help the students better grasp the topic. Several employees commented that it was the best training they had been to for First Aid/AED/CPR and BPP. He also stayed after the class to answer any followup questions they had."

- Jeff H.

"Chris is one of the most caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable people I have ever had the pleasure of calling my friend. You will not find a better instructor in this field, PERIOD!!"

- Jason P.

"Christopher Havran is one the best Civil Air Patrol Officers I have ever worked with. During the four years I have known Chris, I have seen him progress from a local level Health Services Officer (HSO) to the HSO for a seven state area! He constantly strives to not only better himself but others around him. Chris is a TEAM PLAYER. He works well with others and consistently puts his personal feelings for others to the wayside to accomplish whatever mission he is tasked with. I have never seen him lose his composure, even in the most trying situations. If he notices a void that needs filled, he fills it. He is a trust worthy individual who has had in his charge several thousand dollars in corporate assets, need-to-know information, and the lives of the members on his team on countless occasions. During such occasions, he made split-second decisions to ensure the safety of his team and the fulfillment of the mission requirements. As an instructor, Chris is very thorough. He makes sure that his students understand the material and will go out of the way to help struggling students. He makes every effort to answer questions and when he is in doubt, he doesn't hesitate looking up the answer. Chris lives his life by the US Air Force Pararescuemen's Motto, 'These things I do, that others may live', a fact that I believe sums up his character. I am proud to say I have worked with Chris and I look forward to when I will able to do so again. I highly recommend Christopher Havran."

- Tyler F.

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